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Danie Vermeulen (FS)

"A Solar Investment was one of the best decisions we took, having had around 10 hours of loadshedding during stage 6, we were directed to Bennie through a reference whom is a friend to us and a customer of SA Solar & Electrical. We are very happy with the installation, the service is excellent, and the communication were timely. I am confident in Bennie and his team, and the workmanship is of high quality, the products also have good backing, and I would recommend Bennie and his team to anyone! They had the best quote too."

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DAN International 

"I can highly recommend SA Solar and have been doing so since they completed an installation at my commercial property in 2022. Bennie and his team are phenomenal. The installation is neat, they left the premises in a clean state and the system works like a dream. Definitely the best and most professional electrical team I have ever dealt with."

Mariska Enslin

Pieter Willers 

"Uitstekende diens van Wesley en sy span. Sal beslik aanbeveel!"
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